Middle-Sized Low-Temperature Storage
  • Middle-Sized Low-Temperature Storage

Middle-Sized Low-Temperature Storage

Single function cold storage is the most common cold storage in the market.

Its temperature range is usually -18C to -25C, for storage of already frozen products e.g. frozen meat, frozen fishes, prepared food.

Compared to multi-function storage, its system is simple and easy for maintenance.

Classification of cold room:

Cold storage functionDesigned temperature range
Quick freezing/blast freezing cold storage-40~-35-40~-31
Frozen food storage-25~-18-13~-0.4
Fresh-keeping e.g. fruit, vegetable, eggs, milk-5 ~ + 10+23~+50
Pre-cooling room/chilling room03~+2
Other area with workers e.g. processing, corridor, loading areas+2~+8+35.6~+46.2

System choices: 

  • Compressor brands: Bitzer/Copeland/ReComp/Fusheng, screw or reciprocating type

  • Evaporator brands: Gunter/Luve/eCool

  • Insulation Panel material: PU/PIR/XPS

  • Other accessories’ brands: Danfoss/Carel/Siemens

Features of eCool cold storage: 

  • Ecool cold storage are custom design project

  • Temperature range: -40º C ~ + 20º C are available, user could adjust room temperature within designed range. 

  • Functions: multiple e.g. pre-cooling, Fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, air-conditioning, ice-making and ice storage 

  • Intelligent remote-control system is available, for your convivence of mobile control and getting remote technical support

  • High reliability, good performance and low noise 

  • World renowned brand refrigeration main parts and accessories, guarantee long use cycle.

  • Energy saving up to 30% 

Application fields: 

meat processing, farming, medicine, logistics, fishing industry 

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