Vegetable Processing Cold Storage
  • Vegetable Processing Cold Storage

Vegetable Processing Cold Storage

Vegetable Processing Cold Storage/factory

Vegetable processing includes many procedures from pre-cooling,sort, wash, cut, pack, quick-freeze to storage. 

Among them, refrigeration goes through many procedures, such as processing area, quick-freezing and finished product storage.

A well-designed processing factory will consider the comfort level for people working inside and match the refrigeration system with factory’s production capacity. Cold storage design will be considered the loading and unloading capacity, product quality preserve etc.

Classification of cold room:

Cold storage functionDesigned temperature range
Quick freezing/blast freezing cold storage-40~-35-40~-31
Frozen food storage-25~-18-13~-0.4
Fresh-keeping e.g. fruit, vegetable, eggs, milk-5 ~ + 10+23~+50
Pre-cooling room/chilling room03~+2
Other area with workers e.g. processing, corridor, loading areas+2~+8+35.6~+46.2

System choices: 

  • Compressor brands: Bitzer/Copeland/ReComp/Fusheng, screw or reciprocating type

  • Evaporator brands: Gunter/Luve/eCool

  • Insulation Panel material: PU/PIR/XPS

  • Other accessories’ brands: Danfoss/Carel/Siemens

Features of eCool cold storage: 

  • eCool cold storage are custom design project

  • Temperature range: -40º C ~ + 20º C are available, user could adjust room temperature within designed range. 

  • Functions: multiple e.g. pre-cooling, Fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, air-conditioning, ice-making and ice storage 

  • Intelligent remote-control system is available, for your convivence of mobile control and getting remote technical support

  • High reliability, good performance and low noise 

  • World renowned brand refrigeration main parts and accessories, guarantee long use cycle.

  • Energy saving up to 30% 

Application fields: 

 vegetable processing,  farming, fruit processing, FD products

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