CO2 Transcritical Air-Cooled Condensing Unit
  • CO2 Transcritical Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

CO2 Transcritical Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

  • The greenest CO2 refrigeration unit.

  • Condensing unit with the highest COP

  • Compressor brand: BITZER

  • Compressor capacity : four 4 HP compressor for high-temperature stage+ one 1 HP compressor for low-temperature stage

Customer tailored capacity is availble.


Adopted the latest generation of CO2 transcritical technology;

Auxiliary compression, flash gas, improve energy efficiency;

New Ejector technology, improve the energy and efficiency of system;

Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, user-friendly design;

CO2 Subcritical operation, perfect safety protection and control functions;

Low pressure, high pressure, auxiliary compressor Inverter optional;

Optional Adiabatic technology to reduce the outlet temperature;

No engine room design needed, can be placed outdoors against a variety of weather.

Technical data

1.     Design pressure: 120 bar( High temperature); 90bar (middle temperature) 52 bar( low temperature); 30 bar (lower temperature)

2.     Designed evaporating temperature and condensing temperature: -28℃/-7 ℃

3.     High pressure 130bar, gas cooler could run in 130bar, test pressure of gas cooler is 180bar, we could use Adiabatic technology to reduce outlet temperature.

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