Low-Temperature Screw Type Multi-Compressor Unit
  • Low-Temperature Screw Type Multi-Compressor Unit

Low-Temperature Screw Type Multi-Compressor Unit

  • Evaporating temperature (To):-20℃~-45℃

  • Refrigeration Capacity: 50KW~ 600KW

  • Compressor brand: BITZER , ReComp, Fusheng

  • Compressor quantity: 1 to 5 sets connected in parallel

  • Refrigerant:Freon R22\R404\R507A

  • Application:refrigeration system of low-temperature cold storage, fast-freezing processing system e.g. tunnel freezer

Features: the capacity of single screw compressor is big; the unit is stable in performance and long service life.


  • Reliable quality

    Every product is tested strictly before getting out of factory including noise test, vibration test, performance test to ensure a service life above 15 years.

  • Worry saving

    Less maintenance and repair is needed. All accessories we used are word famous brand with high quality and performance 

    Our product doesn’t need person to watch the operation, it could turn on and off automatically, adjust the load, record running data, remote control, and fault diagnosis

    With complete protection system against overload, overheat, HP, LP etc, the unit could work normally even in very bad conditions

  • Intelligent

    Easy operated CAREL controller or PLC controller are both available

    Intelligent cloud mode is available without extra charge for Product with PLC controller, it provides more detail on running status, easy monitor by mobile phone or iPad, and more details for our technician to give you technical suggestions remotely

  • Energy saving

    Energy saving up to 35%. The design makes the unit automatically change the working numbers of compressor depending on system load, which can save your running cost.


  • Compressor unit is the main machine for:

  • Refrigeration system of cold storage, processing warehouse 

  • Quick freezing machine e.g. tunnel freezer, spiral freezer

  • lab 

  • brewing

  • supermarket display cabinets

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