How Much Do You Know about Solar Cold Storage?

Jan 20, 2018

Solar cold storage is to provide more than 24 hours of refrigeration with 8 hours sunlight, to achieve a real non-power cooling equipment. It abandons the traditional cold storage of high power consumption, to make up for the other preservation methods in the energy supply deficiencies, which opens up a new path of fresh market.

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Commercial Air Cooler

How solar energy storage?

Obtain electricity from the sun, it achieves through the photoelectric conversion of solar cells. Solar cold storage is completely different from the principle of other power generation in the past, which has the following characteristics:

1. No danger of drying up;

2. Absolutely clean (pollution-free);

3. Not restricted by geographical of resources;

4. Electricity can be used near the power generation;

5. High energy quality;

6. The user is emotionally easy to accept;

7. The time it takes to get energy is short.

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