Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Introduction

Jan 13, 2018

Polyurethane cold storage panel Specifications Size:

Thickness specifications: 50,75,100,120,150,180,200,250 mm;

Size specifications: standard cold plate width of 1140mm, height 2 meters to 10 meters;

Polyurethane cold storage panel features:

Low thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane, thermal performance. When the rigid polyurethane content is 40 +/- 2 kg / m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018g-0.023w / (m.k), which is equivalent to about half of that of EPS, which is the lowest among all thermal insulation materials.

Polyurethane cold storage panel with moisture-proof, waterproof performance. The rigid polyurethane closed cell rate of 90% or more, are hydrophobic materials, will not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, the wall will not seepage.

1. Polyurethane cold panel fire-proof, flame retardant, high temperature.

2. As the polyurethane sheet has excellent thermal insulation properties, to achieve the same insulation requirements, but to reduce the thickness of the building envelope, thereby increasing indoor use area.

3. High anti-deformation ability, not easy to crack, finishes stable and safe.

4. Porosity of polyurethane material structure is stable, basically closed-cell structure, not only excellent insulation properties, and good anti-freeze-thaw, sound-absorbing.

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